Climate change spurs new wave of innovation in Kenya

Feb 16, 2018, 7:19 AM EST
(Source: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade/flickr)
(Source: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade/flickr)

Life of a Kenyan farmer is a struggle. Miserably poor quality of soil, the lowest average crop yields, spells of cyclic storms and famines are unsparing challenges that snuff out hopes in the most optimist agriculturists. And then enters the climate change, which offers no respite either.

However, innovative minds are taking the challenges head on, coursing their way into a future that holds prosperity and promise of economical and environmental sustainability.

For example, Safi Organics, a startup set up by a small-scale farmer-turned-entrepreneur, creates organic conditioners from heaps of chaff, which until now were set on fire, writes