Fashion innovators turn cultural capital into economic assets

Feb 03, 2018, 3:16 AM EST
(Source: UNIDO/flickr)
(Source: UNIDO/flickr)

In India, a country renowned for its social and cultural diversity, a generation of urban entrepreneurs is collaborating with rural artists and artisans to innovate and design fashion items that don’t merely satiate consumption hunger but spin a sustainable circle.

On one hand, there are startups like Banglanatak Dot Com, which encourages rural youth to explore their skills and integrate their traditional art forms with business models while on the other, businesses like Twirl Online Store, source redundant clothing from people and upscale them into new fashion items, writes Entrepreneur.

In the same line, Anupam Arya, Director, Fabriclore, plans to launch a platform to facilitate exchange of ideas between urban fashion experts and rural traditional artisans.