Nissan markets its car tech with self-parking slippers

Jan 29, 2018, 6:35 AM EST
(Source: REUTERS/Nissan Motor/Handout/
(Source: REUTERS/Nissan Motor/Handout/

It’s hospitality personified at a Japanese inn in the resort town of Hakone where guests are greeted in slippers that autonomously park themselves when taken off, thus smartly promoting their maker, Nissan’s, clever car technology.

The slippers, fitted with two tiny wheels, a motor and sensors, are a part of a package of several other “lively” things like floor cushions and tables that steer their way on their own in a sci-fi style, notes Design Boom.

A spokesperson from Nissan said that the marketing campaign aims to raise awareness of automated driving technologies while showcasing their potential non-driving applications, writes Deccan Chronicle.

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