A machine that recycles every inch of a building

Jan 29, 2018, 6:33 AM EST
(Source: Jes/flickr)
(Source: Jes/flickr)

Thirty-nine percent of America’s carbon emissions can be traced back to buildings, a stat that has prompted the architects at Redhouse Studio to develop a giant, mobile machine that can recycle entire structures in an economically feasible manner.

The machine, named the Biocycler, relies on a symbiotic existence of fungal mycelium and calcite-producing microbes that are used as building and binding material along with the available construction waste, writes Inhabitat.

Creating bricks using living organisms is a fresh, green idea that lends a pro-biotic dimension to architecture, notes Interesting Engineering. As with medicine where people are realizing the worth of “right” microbes over antibiotics, architects attempt to rope in bio-materials in mainstream construction.