The bright economics of reforestation business

Jan 22, 2018, 7:04 AM EST
(Source: USFS Region 5/flickr)
(Source: USFS Region 5/flickr)

If the stats released by two non-profits are to be believed, reforestation is blooming into a money minting business. Startups are foraying into this emerging venture by leveraging technology and innovation to drive down the costs of tree planting, eventually helping others in land restoration and larger conservation efforts.

The report, entitled “The Business of Planting Trees,” mentions several budding companies, including Myanmar based start-up BioCarbon Engineering, which uses pod shooting drones to plant mangrove trees, notes Green Matters.

With a variety of approaches, startups across the world seek to seize the opportunity as countries ramp up their reforestation efforts in adherence to the Paris Agreement, writes Fast Company.