Germany: SPD gives nod to coalition talks with Merkel

Jan 22, 2018, 6:43 AM EST
Social Democratic Party leader Martin Schulz urged his party members to choose between talks or fresh polls.
(Source: SPD Saar/flickr)

Months of political gridlock in Germany showed signs of easing on Sunday as delegates from Social Democrats (SPD) narrowly voted in favor of starting formal coalition talks with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

SPD, which faces voices of dissent internally over the prospects of teaming up with Merkel, has demanded the Chancellor’s conservatives to cap immigrant influx to 1,000 a month in addition to replacing Germany’s private and public healthcare systems with “citizen’s insurance,” writes Reuters.

The development comes as a sigh of relief for Merkel but the “deal is far from done,” as she makes a last-ditch attempt to deliver a stable government, notes the BBC.