Fully solar-powered cars maybe just months away

Jan 13, 2018, 3:35 AM EST
(Source: Robert Ashworth/flickr)
(Source: Robert Ashworth/flickr)

Fully solar-powered vehicles are within the realm of possibility and could hit the roads by as early as 2019 thanks to an award-winning design by the Dutch startup Lightyear One.

The company recently clinched a Climate Change Innovator Award for its new “car that charges itself,” using only solar power, writes Futurism. The car, with its 400 – 800 km range, is an encouraging first step towards bridging a yawning gap between Solar Assisted Electric Vehicles (SAEVs) and the coveted 100 percent solar-powered vehicles.

Challenges such as intermittency and low performance put the brakes on entirely solar run vehicles but Lightyear One promises to address these issues in its revolutionary new design.