The dilemma around the “creative” works of AI

Jan 10, 2018, 7:27 AM EST
(Source: R. Crap Mariner/flickr)
(Source: R. Crap Mariner/flickr)

Artificial intelligence is writing songs, composing music, churning out news stories, poems and virtually foraying into all those creative areas that have been humans’ sole territory. What intrigues many is the question of ownership over this staggering amount content.

The existing U.S. law doesn’t grant copyright to AIs for anything they “create,” as it regards “authorship” exclusively a “human phenomenon,” writes Quartz.

A school of thought argues that AI is a tool with no needs like humans and thus it shouldn’t be awarded authorships to generate benefit. Besides, a more elementary scrutiny questions the very ability of artificial intelligence to create original work devoid of any human assistance, notes Tech Crunch