Blair calls on Labor leaders to back second Brexit vote

Jan 04, 2018, 5:59 AM EST
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned that time is running out to reverse Brexit folly.
(Source: Center for American Progress/flickr)

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair called on the Labour leaders to back his call for a second Brexit referendum, warning that the country would be left poorer and weaker if it leaves the European Union, the world’s biggest trading bloc.

According to an opinion poll published last month, half of Britons are open to second vote on Brexit while a majority believes that the sum being paid for opening trade talks with the E.U. is too hefty for the U.K., notes Reuters.

The supporters of Brexit, however, criticized Blair for undermining the will of the people and the British negotiation. Separately, Blair’s office dismissed the allegations that the former British Prime Minister warned U.S. President Donald Trump of snooping by U.K. intelligence as “absurd,” writes the BBC.

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