Tokyo Salad: A “Train to Table” twist in urban farming

Dec 23, 2017, 3:43 AM EST
(Source: Brice Argenson/flickr)
(Source: Brice Argenson/flickr)

Tokyo’s popular rapid transport system, Tokyo Metro, has launched a new project that ventures into hydroponic farming, utilizing unused warehouse space below the elevated transit lines to grow 400 plants of 11 varieties of greens.

The project, named Tokyo Salad, uses a “trade secret” process that turns seeds into greens in five weeks without any use of soil or fertilizers, writes Green Matters.

Although the “train-to-table” model isn’t going to make a major impact on Japan’s food industry in near term, it highlights the organization’s vision which seeks to secure its revenues given that Japan’s population and eventually metro ridership are likely to decline in coming years, reports Triple Pundit.