Wish to try hand at world’s first tokenized song?

Nov 09, 2017, 6:43 AM EST
(Source: http://taryn.trusttoken.com/)
(Source: http://taryn.trusttoken.com/)

We may be on the brink of another futuristic transformation by the blockchain technology, and this time the beneficiaries are music and you.

 Songwriter and digital storyteller Taryn Southern aims to create the world’s first tokenized song, a venture that involves cryptocontract as a means of exchanging assets without any intermediary, notes Futurism.

The experiment, named Song Token, allows independent artists, who have an Ethereum wallet, to collaborate on creative projects via a token entry. Such smart contracts on decentralized blockchain not only eliminate the proprietary-related malpractices common in the music industry but also provide a powerful and flexible channel for equity crowdfunding.