A Kenyan hotel perches guests on lavish treetops

Oct 25, 2017, 6:25 AM EDT
(Source: http://www.segera.com)
(Source: http://www.segera.com)

The Nay Palad Bird Nest Hotel in Kenya's Segera Retreat, an award-winning wildlife sanctuary, immerses safari-goers in the surroundings by sleeping them in nest-inspired luxury rooms among the treetops.

The guests can spend the night on open-air decking gazing the stars or can snuggle into a sheltered bedroom on the first floor, notes New Atlas.

Picnic style breakfast and dinner by lantern, “magical” African sunset, wildlife gathering on the riverside with the rising sun– the hotel offers many tempting reasons why safari lovers should retreat to one of Kenya’s most cherished wildlife regions, writes Digital Trends.