New surgical glue seals wounds in just a minute

Oct 06, 2017, 5:13 AM EDT
(Source: Jeroen Bennink/flickr)
(Source: Jeroen Bennink/flickr)

For many, a mere mention of sutures, staples and wires sends chills down the spine. Besides, the wounds sealed up with these traditional procedures have recovery times running in days and perhaps weeks.

The researchers from the U.S. and Australia have formulated new surgical glue, called the MeTro, which can be directly squirted into the wounds to seal the incisions within 60 seconds, writes New Atlas.

The sealant borrows its healing properties from human elastin, a protein that lends elasticity to the skin, notes Futurism. MeTro has an astonishingly low recovery time, an ability that makes it ideal for emergencies such as accidents or in war zones where tissue ruptures or punctures require quick sealing.