Tired giant mural spirits up deserted dam wall

Sep 27, 2017, 6:29 AM EDT
(Source: http://hhhhappy.com/artists/ella-pitr/)
(Source: http://hhhhappy.com/artists/ella-pitr/)

A forsaken dam in La Villa En Gier, in St. Etienne, France, might be far off from its glorious past but a fresh attempt by French artist duo Ella & Pitr has turned its wall into mammoth canvas with a 47 meter mural of a tired giant.

The artists have backed the illustration with a befitting narrative that aptly link the giant’s gestures and posture to the context, while blending it in the beautiful landscape, notes Design Boom.

The work, titled “The Shipwreck of Bienvenu,” was completed in just two weeks courtesy a team of five artists, who painted their way through suspended on ropes.