Saudi Arabia: Historic decree to lift driving ban on women

Sep 27, 2017, 5:29 AM EDT
(Source: sacmclubs/flickr)
(Source: sacmclubs/flickr)

In a landmark move that promotes women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, King Salman issued a decree that overturns a ban on women driving and allows them to obtain licenses to drive “in accordance with the Islamic laws.”

Saudi Arabia, the only country that barred women from driving until now, will set up a ministerial body for advice within 30 days while the royal order will be executed by June next year, writes the BBC.

The historic order follows a long trail of campaigns by women activists, who have been defying the ban, creating awareness on social media and petitioning the King for over 25 years, notes Reuters.

Global community and Saudi activists hailed the decision, which they believe, paves way for bigger reforms to grant equal political and social rights to women,     reports Al Jazeera