Renault unveils concept car symbiotic with home

Sep 18, 2017, 6:33 AM EDT
Renault Symbioz is a concept car and home.

The Frankfurt Motor Show last week saw Renault unveiling its vision of a concept car and home that exist symbiotically, connected wirelessly to each other, echoing their aesthetics and architecture and even interacting in the future.

The company envisions its autonomous, electric concept car, called “Symbioz,” as an extension of the modern home, offering a new mobile, multi-purpose living space when off the road, writes Dezeen.

Symbioz can serve as an open lounge or a private study room; it can merge with the living room and park itself on the terrace; it automatically recharges overnight and economically shares power with the house, even lighting it up if there’s a blackout, notes Car Advice.