Futteralhaus: Tiny, green and mobile prefab home

Sep 15, 2017, 7:05 AM EDT
(Source: http://futteralhaus.com)
(Source: http://futteralhaus.com)

Berlin-based Futteralhaus has attempted to pack almost all the virtues millennials would love to see in their urban dwellings. The tiny 205 sq. ft. prefab wooden homes by the company are minimalist in design, blend easily in any landscape and are flexible and mobile for a hassle-free off-grid living.

Designed by architect Nataliya Sukhova, the home features a spacious living room with a single continuous structure, tiny kitchen, bathroom, furniture and storage units, all arranged in a compact manner with focus on recyclability, notes New Atlas.

Futteralhaus home units, equipped with batteries for the solar energy system, can even accommodate a charging station for electric cars.