Designer bugs pave way for self-fertilizing crops

Sep 14, 2017, 7:28 AM EDT
(Source: Peter Handke/flickr)
(Source: Peter Handke/flickr)

Synthetic fertilizers come at a hefty cost to the environment; their manufacturing process eats up three percent of world’s natural gas annually and emits tonnes of carbon into the environment while the used fertilizers end up polluting water bodies.

Designer bacteria, which are essentially engineered microbes with nitrogen-fixing capabilities, could be a sustainable replacement for harmful fertilizers as they impart self-fertilizing properties to any host plant, notes Wired.

German biochem giant Bayer, in collaboration with a Boston-based synthetic biology shop is set to launch a new venture that will identify the most potent nitrogen-fixing bacteria and use them to create self-fertilizing crops of future, writes GreenGround IT.

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