Carlo Ratti exhibit brings nature to urban landscape

Sep 09, 2017, 6:08 AM EDT
Carlo Ratti at Mediateca Santa Teresa, Milan, Italy.
(Source: Meet the media Guru/flickr)

How can nature merge into the tech-loaded cityscapes of modern times? That’s a relationship that an interactive exhibition, curated and designed by Carlo Ratti Associati explores as part of EDIT, a ten-day festival in Toronto.

The exhibition entitled, “The Green & The Gray,” is themed on the words of French anarchist geographer Elysée Reclus and showcases artifacts and initiatives, manifesting a harmonious bond between cityscapes and the natural world, writes Design Boom.

Carlo Ratti, holds several patents and has co-authored over 500 publications, will participate in a talk show hosted by the Istituto Italiano di Cultura on September 29, notes Istituto Italiano di Cultura Toronto.