German election: Poll gives Merkel clear edge over rival

Sep 04, 2017, 5:29 AM EDT
Poll found German Chancellor Angela Merkel “more competent and more persuasive.”
(Source: Philipp/flickr)

Three weeks ahead of elections, German Chancellor Angela Merkel maintains a clear lead over her rival Martin Schulz, according to a poll conducted after a 90-minute TV debate between the two leaders on Sunday night.

The TV showdown, which was Schulz’s last chance to sway millions of undecided voters towards his party, witnessed Merkel’s “best performance” as she effortlessly parried her opponent’s blows, writes the BBC.

Merkel was unflustered as Schulz attempted to take on her refugee policy, national security and Turkey’s EU membership talks, something that mirrored in poll predictions with a majority of participants viewing her as “more competent and more persuasive,” notes Al Jazeera.