Harvey death toll reaches 44; Trump seeks emergency fund

Sep 01, 2017, 5:45 AM EDT
A U.S. Soldier with the Texas Army National Guard rescues a family's pet.
(Source: U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos/flickr)

U.S. President Donald Trump is likely to ask the U.S. Congress to release an initial $5.9 billion emergency funding to help the state of Texas recover and rebuild even as deaths and destruction from catastrophic hurricane Harvey rise unabated.

The death toll from the disaster has crossed 44 while 19 others remain missing in six counties including and around Houston, writes Reuters. The city of Beaumont is the latest to bear the brunt of the storm, with its water supplies cut off and river level rising.

Although downgraded to a tropical depression, Harvey is expected to dump several inches of rainfall in Tennessee and Kentucky over the next two days, notes the BBC.