A 21-year-old developing life-changing prosthetics

Aug 21, 2017, 4:18 AM EDT
(Source: Mat Hyde/flickr)
(Source: Mat Hyde/flickr)

The need for robotics miniaturization, high-end batteries and wireless connectivity inflate the costs of prosthetic limbs beyond affordable limits for many. A twenty-one-year-old engineer, Easton LaChappelle, in her pursuit to drive down the exorbitant prices, has developed a $4,000 robotic arm prosthetic using 3D printing technology.

The engineer is also providing prototype designs online for free so that social entrepreneurs can come forward and innovate to make prosthetic hardware readily available at affordable prices, notes Digital Trends.

The robotic arm, attributed with human finger strength, muscle control and skin’s perceptibility, is being touted as the next big jump in prosthetics, writes Brandchannel.