Artist & engineer turning river pollutants into paint

Jul 06, 2017, 7:18 AM EDT
(Source: Windslash/flickr)
(Source: Windslash/flickr)

Beauty isn’t derived only from beautiful things – that’s the message being sent out by artist John Sabraw and civil engineer and Ohio State University professor Guy Riefler. The two have teamed up on an innovative project that harvests pollutants from Ohio’s rivers and turns them into limited edition paints for sale to artists.

The process involves neutralizing the pH of polluted water and precipitating iron oxide by means of chemical reactions, reports Of Note Magazine.

This creative approach, involving a confluence of art and science, is a welcome solution for Ohio, where about 1,300 miles of waterways are leached by heavy metals and other toxins leaking from improperly sealed coal mines, writes Tree Hugger.