Syria “chemical attack plans” draw blunt warning from U.S.

Jun 27, 2017, 7:12 AM EDT
(Source: Freedom House/flickr)
(Source: Freedom House/flickr)

Claiming that the Syrian regime is preparing to launch a chemical weapons attack, the White House on Monday warned that the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his military would “pay a heavy price” if they conduct another “mass murder strike.”

The “unusual” public warning, which must be based on detailed intelligence, sends out a “crystal clear” message to the Syrian government that it should not repeat a chemical assault, as it did in the rebel-held north-western town of Khan Sheikhoun in April, writes the BBC.

Dozens of civilians were killed in the last chemical strike, prompting the U.S. to bombard a Syrian air base with cruise missiles, notes Reuters.

A Russian Middle East expert said that the warning from the U.S. is another blow to the process of building any cooperation between Moscow and Washington for resolving the Syrian conflict, reports The Guardian.