Self-making smart duvet ends your "heat” debate

Jun 22, 2017, 7:49 AM EDT
(Jack Schoenberger/flickr)
(Jack Schoenberger/flickr)

It’s annoying to squabble over temperature midnight but that’s awfully common. While you feel the heat, your partner bundles into the blanket. Well, SmartDuvet has a solution for you, and it’s a smart self-making bed that lets you set two temperatures on different sides of the bed, virtually eliminating the reason to fight.

The SmartDuvet Breeze is basically with a blow-up air-blanket, attached to a control box that connects to an app and fills up warm or cool air in different parts depending on temperature preferences, writes The Verge.

The tech-supported duvet device, raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign, is priced at $180 and could hit the markets later in 2017, notes Huffington Post