Refugee in Algeria builds 25 plastic bottle homes

Jun 15, 2017, 6:48 AM EDT
(Source: Marcel Oosterwijk/flickr)
(Source: Marcel Oosterwijk/flickr)

Scorching temperatures, dust storms and heavy rains are forces that keep battering the homes and lives of refugees in a camp in Tindouf, Algeria. But, Tateh Lehbib Breica, a Sahrawi refugee in the same camp refused to yield to harsh desert conditions and instead used an environmental menace for building weather-resilient homes for his community.

Breica, who has a master’s degree in energy efficiency, uses discarded plastic bottles, filled with sand, to build circular homes that have high endurance to desert conditions than adobe, mudbrick or tent homes, writes Inhabitat.

Breica’s innovation earned him a funding by UNHCR and he has built around 25 plastic bottle homes across five camps in the area, notes Huffington Post.