Dell uses recycled ocean plastics for its packaging

Jun 14, 2017, 8:20 AM EDT
(Source: CAJC: in the Rockies/flickr)
(Source: CAJC: in the Rockies/flickr)

Computer maker Dell is the latest addition to the list of businesses that are making innovative efforts to tackle the menace of oceanic plastics. The company is experimenting with a supply chain in which packaging material is manufactured using 25 percent of recycled litter from oceans.

According to the company’s estimate, the program will pull out approximately 8,000 kilograms of plastics from ocean this year, notes New Scientist.  

Dell is not alone in this war against plastic debris accumulating in our oceans. Footwear giant Adidas is crafting a new material from this litter to make new shoes while Procter & Gamble has made its shampoo bottles from recycled plastic picked up from beaches, writes Environmental Leader.

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