Food startup tailors diet chart based on your DNA

May 02, 2017, 6:41 AM EDT
Neil Grimmer, C.E.O. of Habit
(Source: CCA Photography/flickr)

Habit, a Silicon Valley startup, is beginning a new trend in the food industry whereby it plans to custom design the diet chart of its customers based on their DNA makeup. The company offers a home kit that can track more than 60 biomarkers encrypted in one’s DNA, which are then examined by lab researchers to recommend ready-to-eat personalized meals.

Neil Grimmer, CEO of Habit, believes that the ability of his startup to customize meals to suit an individual's metabolism, DNA biomarkers and other data, sets it apart from other players in the food delivery industry, writes Business Insider.

As part of $299 package, Habit offers its customers a 25-minute consultation with a nutritionist, a “metabolic challenge drink” and access to an online health dashboard, notes Digital Trends.

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