U.S. hits IS Afghan base with “mother of all bombs” strike

Apr 14, 2017, 5:50 AM EDT
GBU-43 bomb is colloquially called the “mother of all bombs.”
(Source: Boaz Guttman/flickr)

According to the Afghan defense ministry, around 36 Islamic State militants have been killed after the U.S. struck a network of caves and tunnels in Nangarhar province with its biggest, non-nuclear bomb on Thursday. The ministry confirmed that the strike was carried out in coordination with the Afghan government and that no civilian casualties were reported.

Targeting the jihadist militant organization with a 21,600-pound GBU-43 bomb sends a loud and clear signal that the Trump administration prioritizes wiping out IS wherever its offshoots are flourishing, writes the BBC.

Former Afghan president Hamid Karzai denounced American bombing, calling it a brutal misuse of his country as testing ground for new and dangerous weapons, notes Reuters. The strike comes as a high-level U.S. delegation heads to Kabul amid uncertainty over the fate of 9,000 American troops deployed in the conflict-hit Asian country.