Google’s AutoDraw turns your doodle into artwork

Apr 12, 2017, 5:04 AM EDT
(Source: Teknoformat Teknoloji Haberleri/flickr)
(Source: Teknoformat Teknoloji Haberleri/flickr)

Google has unveiled an automated drawing bot, called AutoDraw, which uses machine learning algorithms to serve you with a refined, professional version of the amateur squiggles you draw on your phone or desktop. Released as part of Google’s A.I. experiment series, the doodle bot identifies what a user is drawing in real time and dishes out matching clip art from its database. 

The search giant pitches the new bot as a drawing tool that blends the magic of machine learning with the creations of talented artists to help “rest” draw faster, writes The Verge. AutoDraw appears a novel and clever web-based tool that gets better over time at anticipating the drawings.

AutoDraw is a free app that works equally well on mobile, desktop and tablets and can recognize hundreds of drawings, notes Engadget. The A.I. bot distantly resembles Android Wear’s ability to transform crude smiley face into a suitable emoji. 

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