Airbus presents concept car that hooks to drone

Mar 08, 2017, 5:41 AM EST
Airbus' Pop.Up is a modular flying car.
(Source: Kevin Epps/flickr)

Airbus recently revealed its radical concept of a car-and-drone system, called the Pop.Up, which is a futuristic transportation mode featuring a small, passenger capsule that easily unhooks from its chassis and gets hinged to an accompanying drone. The system is also designed to pair up with other futuristic transports, such as the Hyperloop, prompting the experts to call this model a car-drone-train system all-in-one.

The A.I.-powered system, which envisions urban commuters flying over rush hour traffic, would offer “a seamless travel experience,” writes The Verge. In a video released at the Geneva Motor Show, Airbus shows a woman summoning the electric-powered capsule to her home via an app. The “smart car-sized monocoque,” as the company calls it, drives the woman to a parking garage where a drone airlifts the capsule, flying her to a destination.

Airbus is seriously pursuing its project on Vertical Take-Off and Landing (V.T.O.L.) vehicles but the concept may not turn into reality anytime soon, notes Business Insider

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