Pitchbot.vc: a fun way to ace your startup pitch

Jan 19, 2017, 4:09 AM EST
(Source: Mike Schinkel/flickr)
(Source: Mike Schinkel/flickr)

Pitchbot.vc, a tool that simulates a pitch meeting with an angel, incubator, seed fund or VC firm, presents budding entrepreneurs with hard-hitting questions, providing them a clue if their pitch is impressive enough or it needs more grooming. During the 10-minute simulation, the founders respond to a number of multiple-choice questions regarding their team, market, validation, traction, growth, product and values, and get to assess their position by the final score.

The questions selected by Pitchbot are based on the blogs of 20 top investors, including Sequoia Capital and Y Combinator, reports Tech Crunch.

Pitchbot’s maker, angel investor and Gigster C.E.O. Roger Dickey, who has pitched and has been pitched hundreds of times, says preparing the common questions in a fun manner can give entrepreneurs a big edge over competitors, writes Startup Smart.