Syrian troops launch ground attack on rebels

Sep 28, 2016, 6:07 AM EDT
War-ravaged Syria
(Source: Freedom House/flickr)

Following an intense and sustained aerial bombardment on the rebel-held parts of Aleppo over the last week, the Syrian government began a massive ground offensive, targeting opposition fighters on several fronts on Tuesday. The U.S. decried the new campaign, accusing President Bashar-al-Assad and his Russian and regional allies of abandoning the international efforts aimed at ending the five-year long Syrian conflict.

The development came as the U.S. vowed to provide $364m more in humanitarian aid to people affected by the war in Syria, writes the BBC. Amid fierce resistance from rebel fighters, the Syrian troops advanced on the old city of Aleppo and two other districts in the city’s north.

The ground forces were seen mobilizing armored vehicles and tanks as they gear up for the biggest assault in the city, reports The Guardian. The Syrian government has earlier made several failed attempts to seize Aleppo, which is the last remaining urban stronghold of rebels.

Separately, 12 people from two families were killed and many others remained trapped after bunker-busting bombs flattened several buildings in Aleppo on Tuesday, notes Reuters. With only 30 doctors left in the rebel-held parts of the city, the World Health Organization urged the warring parties to allow immediate evacuation of sick and wounded.