Nicolas Sarkozy to contest French presidency again

Aug 23, 2016, 7:19 AM EDT
Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy
(Source: Stefan de Vries/flickr)

Four years after his departure from the Elysee, former French head of state Nicolas Sarkozy announced on Monday that he will contest the country’s presidential election next year. The right-winger, who served as French president from 2007 to 2012, revealed his plans with an announcement on social media and a link to his new book, entitled Tout pour la France (All for France), which is scheduled to be released next week.

If Sarkozy has to regain his place in the Elysee, he will have to overcome a number of obstacles, which include securing a win in his centre-right Republicans party's primary in November, writes the BBC. Alain Juppe, another former prime minister, is the favorite to win the November primary, which will be contested by 10 other candidates.

For Sarkozy, the French law is a “weak spot,” given that he faces probable judicial investigations over exceeding campaign funding limits in the 2012 election and for putting pressure on a judge to disclose the details of a case in which he was implicated.

In his attempt to win a second presidential term, Sarkozy is proposing policies that shift further to the far right than in 2012, reports The Guardian.  The former president intends to ban the Muslim headscarf from universities and public companies in addition to restricting the French nationality rights of children born to foreign parents.