Australian & U.S. citizens abducted in Afghanistan

Aug 08, 2016, 6:13 AM EDT
American University of Afghanistan
(Source: US Embassy Kabul Afghanistan/flickr)

Gunmen dressed in Afghan military uniforms kidnapped two foreign professors, one of them American and the other Australian, in the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday. The detainees, who taught at the American University of Afghanistan, were on their way to their residences when about five gunmen blocked their S.U.V.s and took them away.

The latest kidnapping comes three days after a rocket attack by the Taliban injured six foreigners in western Afghanistan, writes CNN. Australia’s foreign ministry said in a statement that it was verifying the reports of the kidnapping and warned its citizens against travelling to Afghanistan, given the “extremely dangerous security situation” in the country.

Monday’s kidnapping follows a string of abductions of foreigners in Afghanistan this year, notes the BBC.  In April, an Australian aid worker was kidnapped in the eastern city of Jalalabad while another aid worker from India was snatched in June in Kabul.

The residents of Kabul blame the rise in crimes, especially robbery and car theft, on the government’s failure to create job opportunities and stimulate economic growth, reports The Guardian. President Ashraf Ghani, who came to power on the promise of creating jobs and restoring peace, has failed to deliver on both the fronts during his tenure of almost two years.