Foreign tourists attacked in western Afghanistan

Aug 04, 2016, 6:40 AM EDT
(Source: Al Jazeera English/flickr)
(Source: Al Jazeera English/flickr)

At least six foreign tourists were injured in an ambush attack in Afghanistan's western province of Herat on Thursday. The tourists, who were traveling in two mini buses, were being escorted by an army convoy. Afghan officials said that the nationalities of the victims could not be confirmed immediately.

Military spokesman Najibullah Najibi said that Afghan security forces repelled the militants and were carrying out evacuation in the area, writes the Daily Mail. In recent months, foreigners have been repeatedly targeted by militants in Afghanistan.

On Monday, the Taliban carried out a truck bomb blast on a military and logistics facility in Kabul, which was followed by seven-hour gun battle between the security forces and the insurgents. In the wake of growing hostilities against foreigners, the U.S. has already warned its citizens of a “high” kidnapping risk in the country.  

An analyst said that the area, where foreigners were struck, is dominated by warlords, thieves and Taliban militants, adding that the convoy’s decision to travel through that road “raised lots of questions,” reports Al Jazeera.

Farhad Khadimi, governor of Chishti Sharif District, where the assault took place, said that an investigation has been launched, notes Xinhua.