Suzuki headquarters raided over fuel economy tests

Jun 03, 2016, 6:44 AM EDT
Suzuki logo
(Source:Scott Symonds/flickr)

Japanese officials raided the headquarters of Suzuki Motor Corporation on Friday, seeking documents that could substantiate the company’s earlier claims of not cheating its customers. Last month, the carmaker brought to notice a few “discrepancies” in its fuel emissions testing while denying deliberate manipulation of tests.  The action by Japanese authorities prompted a slide in Suzuki’s shares by 1 percent on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

A statement issued by Suzuki earlier this week cited a shortage of manpower as one of the reasons it failed to comply with Japanese regulations on testing methods, notes the BBC. The company also admitted its failure to pump in investments for the required upgrade in infrastructure.

The flawed fuel economy testing affects 2.1 million Suzuki vehicles, writes International Business Times.

Earlier this year, Japan’s Mitsubishi Motors was rocked by a similar scandal, which eventually prompted its president to step down while the company conceded a controlling stake to rival Nissan Motors.

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