Canada’s P.M. deplores hostage beheading

Apr 26, 2016, 6:05 AM EDT
Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
(Source: John McCallum/flickr)

Describing the beheading of a Canadian citizen as a cold-blooded murder, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau deplored Philippine’s Islamist militants for the act and threatened to pursue the perpetrators. Militants from the Abu Sayyaf group had abducted John Ridsdel, a former mining executive, along with three others from an island in the Philippines last September and demanded a ransom of $80 million.

Earlier in November, the militant group released a video in which Ridsdel warned that he would be killed on April 25 if the ransom amount was not paid, writes the BBC. While condemning the heinous act, Trudeau didn’t respond to questions related to his government’s efforts in securing the release of another Canadian citizen who was abducted and held as hostage by the Abu Sayyaf militants.

Abu Sayyaf, though a small outfit, has been involved in several cases of beheading, kidnapping, bombing and extortion in the southern Philippines, notes Reuters. Philippine’s President Benigno Aquino has ordered security forces to act against the group, which is still holding around 20 foreign nationals from Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

A peace agreement, which ended a 45-year long conflict between the Philippine government and the largest Muslim rebel group, has failed to strengthen the country’s security, writes The Guardian