New Toronto mayor ends Rob Ford era

Oct 28, 2014, 3:06 AM EDT
John Tory, mayor-elect of Toronto, delivers his victory speech at an election night party in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on Monday, Oct. 27, 2014.
AFP/Getty Images

A moderate conservative has been elected as Toronto's new mayor, defeating the brother of the controversial incumbent, Rob Ford. The BBC reports:

John Tory won 40% of the vote, ahead of Doug Ford, whose brother Rob admitted problems with alcohol and crack cocaine use during his four years in office. Rob Ford announced last month that he would not seek re-election as he undergoes treatment for a rare cancer.

However, he did win election to a council seat in the Etobicoke district. "In four more years, you're going to see another example of the Ford family never, ever, ever giving up," he said, hinting at another run for mayor.

The results of the mayoral election were announced on Monday night after more than 90% of the votes had been counted.

Doug Ford congratulated Mr Tory on his victory and said he was proud of his brother. "I still believe he's the best mayor ever," he said.

Three-quarters of the new city council will be made up of familiar faces, including Rob Ford, who has been elected in the ward he previously represented for more than a decade. CBCNews writes:

On election night, nearly all the council incumbents who ran for office were returned.

They include Ford, who originally sought to be re-elected as mayor, before withdrawing from that race due to illness and putting his name on the ballot in Ward 2 Etobicoke North instead. Ford was returned with 58.9 per cent of the ballots cast in the council race.

In his acceptance speech, he vowed to work hard for his constituents. "Folks, I'm going to go down there, [but] I've got to take care of my health first and foremost," Ford said on Monday night. "But, I can assure you, I’ll be taking care of my health and I’ll be taking care of the people in Etobicoke North and I’ll continue to take care of every taxpayer in this city, like I always have."