Clashes as Chile marks anniversary of coup

Sep 11, 2013, 6:15 AM EDT
Part of a group of 1210 people can be seen laying down on the sidewalk along Alameda main avenue during a commemorative action in Santiago, on September 10, 2013.
AFP/Getty Images

SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) — Protesters marking the 40th anniversary of Chile's military coup are clashing with police, throwing rocks and gasoline bombs and setting up flaming barricades.

Police arrested 13 people early Wednesday and said a police officer was injured in overnight clashes.

The anniversary of the 1973 coup that brought the dictator Augusto Pinochet to power is often marked by violence.

Pinochet oversaw a fierce aerial bombardment of the presidential palace on Sept. 11, 1973. Socialist President Salvador Allende committed suicide rather than surrender.

His death marked the start of a brutal 17-year dictatorship. The government estimates 3,095 were killed during Pinochet's rule, including about 1,200 who were forcibly disappeared.

Pinochet died under house arrest, without ever being tried on charges of illegal enrichment and human rights violations.