Tata's Port Talbot Corus Steel Plant South Wales UK.

The move is likely to slash 4,000 jobs while saving the 50/50 joint venture up to 600m euros annually.

Kampala, Uganda. (Source: flöschen/flikcr)

By Michael Lerner Uber hopes to win over customers and reduce Kampala's heavy traffic simultaneously.

J&F's owners, Joesley and Wesley Batista, admitted bribing politicians.

A massive corruption investigation found the firm guilty of involvement in the country’s graft scandals.

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The figures, along with steady Q2 growth and job data from the U.S., came as a much-needed boost.

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The investors’ decision to pump in capital into the euro was also guided by a strong Eurozone growth this year.

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The OPEC nations expected to agree on continuing the current production curbs for next nine months.  

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The lawsuit, filed by a California resident, is one of the thousands such litigations that the company faces.