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Britain: police to rope in first 24-hour drone unit

Mar 20, 2017, 7:46 AM EDT

In the wake of a severe shortage of detectives and investigators, Devon and Cornwall Police are launching Britain’s first 24-hour drone unit to track criminals, monitor suspects and find missing people. The move to set up a full-fledged drone fleet for law enforcement aims at rationalizing the police financial resources amid heavy cutbacks to their budgets.
Assistant Chief Constable Steve Barry, National Police Chiefs' Council spokesman said drones are more efficient and cost-effective in carrying out certain tasks and might fill the ranks in other counties in near future, writes Sky News. Although, U.K. police have been employing unmanned aerial devices in search operations but this is the first time a dedicated unit of drones will be at their disposal for 24 hours a day.
The development, however, sparked fear of job cuts, with ex-Scotland Yard officer Rory Geoghegan from the Centre for Public Safety describing the shift from fundamentals as “foolish,” notes Mirror